Toni Marí - the art of forging iron

Toni Marí Sart, sculptor, forger of space, his apprenticeship begins when he's a child, when he learns the craft or forging iron, through which his technique will evolve, showing a unique ability over fire and metal. Toni creates without premeditation, without anticipating what his art work will turn into, without a plan, without a project. His works burst vigorously from his mind, his heart, his experiences, his know-how…

Living beings are the main axis over which Toni's creative experience develops, and especially the human being, through which he recreates the fire of emptiness with the volume of anthropomorphic forms, emphasizing on the anatomy of being. This, plus his particular vision of three-dimensional form, reaches the observer in a clear, direct and precise fashion. The robustness of the material, added to the fresh and loose execution, the delicate handling of both technique and concept, make Toni Marí more than just a sculptor. He's also a communicator, a creator, a clever maker of forms forged out of emptiness.

© 2008 Antoni Marí Sart